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Computer Repairs

Hardware and software glitches are an inevitable aspect of computing. Whether your computing device is a laptop or desktop, our proficient team at Rush Link Tech is primed to swiftly diagnose and rectify any issues, minimizing disruption to your operations.

With a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, Rush Link Tech stands as your trusted ally in navigating the complexities of modern computer technology. In an era where efficiency and reliability are paramount, our comprehensive suite of IT solutions is tailored to meet the diverse needs of both residential and commercial clientele.

Our team of certified CCNA, MCP, and A+ professionals is equipped with the expertise and acumen to deliver exemplary service, whether on-site, in-shop, or remotely during off-hours. This flexibility affords you the liberty to schedule support functions at your convenience, ensuring minimal disruption to your workflow.

In an age where software installation can often prove labyrinthine, our seasoned professionals are adept at navigating the intricacies of software compatibility and optimization. Whether it's resolving conflicts between different software packages or streamlining system resources, our team is committed to delivering practical and cost-effective solutions.


Here's a glimpse of the diverse array of services we offer:

  • PC Technical Support: Comprehensive assistance with troubleshooting and resolving technical issues.
  • PC Repair/Troubleshooting: Swift diagnosis and repair of hardware and software malfunctions.
  • PC Setup/Installation: Seamless setup and installation of computing devices tailored to your specifications.
  • PC Training/Tutoring: Personalized tutoring sessions to enhance your proficiency in computer usage.
  • System Security Testing: Rigorous assessment of system security to safeguard against potential threats.
  • Wired/Wireless Networking: Expert configuration and optimization of network infrastructure for seamless connectivity.


  • Hardware Upgrades/Installation: Professional installation and upgrading of hardware components to enhance performance.
  • Software Upgrades/Installation: Seamless installation and optimization of software applications to maximize efficiency.
  • Operating System Updates: Timely installation of critical updates and patches to ensure system integrity.
  • Anti-Virus Installation/Removal: Robust protection against malware and comprehensive removal of malicious software.
  • Motherboard Replacement: Expert replacement of faulty motherboards to restore optimal functionality.
  • Memory Upgrades: Installation of additional memory modules to enhance system performance and responsiveness.


At Rush Link Tech, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled service excellence, ensuring that your computing experience is characterized by seamless functionality and unwavering reliability. Trust us to be your partner in harnessing the full potential of modern technology, propelling you towards unparalleled success and productivity.


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